Nude Face Natural Result Foundation with a long-lasting formula, stays on the skin for a long time, does not rub off and maintains coverage until the end of the day. Thanks to this, you can enjoy a beautiful, smooth and radiant appearance throughout the day without needing touch-ups. The Nude Face Natural Result Foundation also cares for the skin. It contains vitamin E, which eliminates free radicals, protecting it from the harmful effects of external factors and preventing premature skin ageing. In addition, the natural betaine in the product has a moisturizing and softening effect on the epidermis, making the skin soft, velvety and smooth. In addition, the product contains a UV filter that protects against the harmful effects of solar radiation. With Nude Face Natural Result Foundation, the skin is safe, and the effectiveness of the cosmetic remains at the highest level, regardless of weather conditions. The foundation is available in several shades.

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30 ml

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